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 Frozen Tomato Events

Frozen Tomato Events Ltd

was established in 2012 to manage cricket tours and competitions on the island of Vis, Croatia on behalf of Sir William Hoste Cricket Club.

Whether you're here for a day, a short weekend or for one of our tournaments, let us help you make the most out of your stay.

Sir William Hoste CC
the Hoste badge

was founded by Oliver Roki in 2002 to revive cricket on Vis. Named in honour of the captain of  the Royal Navy squadron stationed at Vis during the Napoleonic Wars, the club has welcomed clubs from the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

For more information about the club and its unusual history, click the image to the left.

Why Frozen Tomato Events?

You can thank Sir William Hoste CC opening batsman Stanko "The Wall" Aleksić, a mis-timed top edge to the face and a freezer full of frozen tomatoes...

opening bat Stanko
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